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Top 10 Occasion adult dating website for Extramarital Relations

the second followed by a: you are a toilet !. Guys it is useless to try to climb on the mirrors badoo it works I can guarantee you but it works only if you are nice or nice guy you know who says it doesn’t work? Who knows he is ugly and does not catch! I’m sorry it counts the physical aspect and above all a beautiful face accompanied preferably by visible muscles with me it works .. I just tell you that when I meet them they are ready to fuck me they make me smiles they hug me they put on their arms they make a thousand compliments and they all ruffle because I am a handsome boy and I make them drool they gave me fantastic blowjobs girls of maximum 20 and minimum 17 I am 21 … count the face only and exclusively to start talking if they do not see it in the picture they ignore you right cheers badoo Giuseppe

You write about bullshit … let’s say the truth once and for all … I was one of the first to use Badoo when more than ten years ago it was free then they paid for it for males, despite the hundreds of attempts they are not never managed to meet a woman through this site and also others (all ..) as I am one who does not lie and who put his own real photos and since the females in Italy are extremely spoiled and have a bit of all the same tastes like they were made with a stencil if you are not a handsome man you just waste time no one will want to meet you and imagine having sex (but for heaven’s sake …!) … so it is a means to help even more those who are already lucky in real life that is who wouldn’t need it and no who has been in loneliness for who knows how many years (no days, no months, years !!) and would need it…. unfortunately in Italy “it always rains in the wet” because of the almost all spoiled females who in men only look at the physical appearance and the wallet !! In addition, on these sites there is always a 20 to 1 ratio, that is, a real woman for 20 males, so men don’t waste time and money … if anyone with some experience says so …

On badoo at the beginning (year 2007/2008 if I’m not mistaken) it was easy to catch and stamp them! Already in 2010, things have changed, fewer women and requests for payment for every bullshit you wanted to do in the chat. Then I gave up, a moment had come where you could contact up to 4 or 5 for free and you could not conclude anything !!

Also in 2010, the few I went out with seemed to just want to talk and not unhook, an endless waste of time!

After almost 6 years of abstinence today I tried to return with a fake profile, just to test the waters!

I hope that the generation that was 18-20 years old in 2010 was a loser generation ido I hope to catch some catches!

I have always considered Mirc a shit ho I caught very few and because I was “the cool” in the midst of the bespectacled nerds!

On mirc you had to go chat and waste time … .. badoo is more of a sort of postponement.

At the time of mirc, the real mine of pussy was Giovani.it, a site for students where people stamped beyond belief, a site that was already empty in 2008!

Another ruin was facebook! Even the most mussel has friends and people ready to stamp it ……… When they were “isolated” it was much easier … ..

Leaving aside Badoo, which is the lesser evil, for a moment, the question arises: why don’t you fuck in Italy? Why do women get so hot? Why are “decent” girls (I DON’T MEAN STRETCHES) so unapproachable? I paused to observe the attitude of the girls in the disco, in the clubs, on the street, many boys try to get to know them, sometimes a procession, and their response is refusal, refusal, refusal.

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